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Everything in this post is from Zara.

One of the high points in Stavanger this fall was definitely the grand opening of a Zara store right in town.  As sad as it sounds, this was actually a pretty big deal in the local area--the newspapers even published articles about it.  I know right?  Anyhow!  Since its opening, I've probably been in there about four times.  Not ashamed!

On one trip, I noticed this scarf. I loved that it had the pattern on both sides, and seemed like it would be nice and warm for the winter months.  I couldn't get it out of my head, so I had to go back and snatch it up.  Which of course led to a few impulse buys.

Such as these shoes.  I love the pointy toes, as well as the silvery details adorning them.  Probably not the most logical purchase at the onset of a Norwegian winter, but I couldn't resist.  I'm not someone who rotates her whole wardrobe out every season, so I can easily see myself transitioning these awesome shoes into spring.  Plus-we can get some sunny, cool days, right? Totally acceptable to wear a flat with tights, as long as there isn't any snow on the ground.

I also picked up these earrings.  Another total impulse buy--but I love them.  Actually, they've gotten the most wear out of any of these items.  So thumbs up for that!

Sadly, the scarf proved itself to be a bit awkward to wear, particularly with my coats.  The verdict is still out on whether or not I will keep it.  I suppose I need to decide soon, as the receipt goes out tomorrow I think, ha!

*Update:  Scarf definitely needed to go back--it was just too massive (like a giant square, rather than a long rectangle, if that makes sense).  Which sucks, because I loved the pattern and the fabric quality.  But--better to return it unused, and let someone else enjoy it, than have it sit in my scarf box collecting dust (or scarf fuzz, as it were).  And, while I was browsing through the shop on my way out, I found an awesome birthday gift for one of my best girlfriends who turned the big 3-0 yesterday.  Win-win if you ask me!

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