The Best of the Internet -- Week 45

Even though I am still pretty green here, I have decided to implement a weekly "post series" on my blog.  It may not be the most original concept--I can think of a handful of blogs I read regularly that do something similar...but here it goes...dun dun da dunnnn: "The Best of the Internet--Week Whateverweekitis."  It's a very basic concept wherein I present a roundup of my favorite things that I saw on the internet that week.  (Fun anecdote on the name of the series: I once knew a guy here in Norway who thought it was really funny that we say "the internet" in English.  He thought it sounded so formal, like a title: "THE Internet." So now I always read anything that says "the internet" with emphasis on the "THE."  Even though I am not sure what else we are supposed to call it..."online?" "The 'net?").

Anyhow, I digress.  On to the first installment, and Week 45's edition, of The Best of the Internet!

The Worst Types Of People On Airplanes: Whine About It
Oh, Whine About It, how I love thee.  I have to be honest and just say that there is a slight chance that my friend and spirit animal, Matt, may be gracing these pages more often than not.  Whine About It has everything that makes my introverted, wine-loving, strangers-in-public-disliking heart sing: Wine? Check! Complaining about rude behavior? Check!! Sassy quips for days? CHECK!!!  While I never miss an episode of WAI, this installment was particularly amusing to me.  I mean, after four years of making the trek back and forth across the Atlantic somewhat regularly, I have seen some things.  My point: I could relate. And it was wonderful.

Lady Gaga's New BFF
You guys. It's Cher. Lady Gaga's new BFF is Cher.
OK. Full disclosure: we don't know for sure that they are BFFs.  But that's the narrative in my head, and it's awesome, so I'm sticking with it.

"Do I Like Him?" -- A Helpful Guide from Man Repeller
I am going to call it out right now and just say that the handy flow chart presented in this article is the Winner of the Internet for Week 45 (Yes, there are actually Winners and Losers of the Internet, and I guess I will be doling out at least the Winner title on a weekly basis as well).   This article spoke to me on a rather deep level, because, well...I never can actually tell if I "like like" someone.  In fact, 90% of the time, I think that I have zero romantic interest in the person at hand, despite observers' comments to the contrary.  I am just too awkward in my own feelings apparently.  This phenomenon often results in my inadvertently brushing the poor dude off until he decides to give up, at which point I become immediately aware that OMGIACTUALLYREALLYLIKEDHIMOHCRAP.  Hoping to employ this clever road map next time in hopes that I can become aware of my own romantic interest before it is too late.  So thanks for that, Man Repeller.

So, there we have it! This week's, and the very first, installment of The Best of the Internet! Here's to many more interesting internet weeks filled with cats, memes, and all sorts of internet-ey goodness.

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