The Best of the Internet -- Week 48

I have dropped the ball--the supercool series I was going to start, namely, The Best of the Internet, has totally just been a one time thing so far. I'm not even posting this on the right day. Hashtagepicfail. But I have legitimate excuses. I think.

Well, week 46 I was sick, so there is that.

Week 47, well...let's say that essentially all of my internet consumption involved either All of My Regular News Outlets following the horrible events that unfolded in Paris.  That, and my Law E-Book, since I had an exam on Monday and was fervently reading in the days leading up to it to try and gain some sort of mastery of the Norwegian legal system.  The verdict is still out on whether that was a successful venture.
Which brings us to today!  Sadly, my internet consumption has been basically the same as Week 47, as I am still deep in the midst of Exam Season.  Which also explains my absence from this space over the last weeks as well.  Simply no energy or inspiration to write blog posts, I guess.  I suppose it is OK when one's reader base consists primarily of oneself, one's best friend, and one's mom (Hi, Mom!).

Which brings us to this week's installment:

Dogs in Booties
The Winners of the Internet are all of my fun distraction things, mostly YouTube videos.  My current favorites have been dogs in booties.  Have you ever watched a video montage of dogs trying to walk in booties?  It's pretty much the best.  It's up there with Dogs Annoying Cats with Friendship and Cute Baby Goats Compilation.  Basically, anything with cute animals has been my go-to the last few weeks.  Anything to make me smile instead of make me feel sad/scared (basically any news story) or stressed (the exams).

And that concludes this week's very short Best of the Internet.  Cheers to getting back on the wagon next week with a full and exciting post!

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