Current Tunes -- December Edition

So, it is apparently a month since the last time I did a roundup of my current favorite pieces of ear candy (Which. "Ear candy" is kind of a gross term.  Note to self: never say/write "ear candy" again. Ever).  At any rate, here are the tunes I currently have on repeat status:

Confession: some of these are actually from November.  But it felt a bit excessive to do two music posts in short some tunes were carried over.  I stumbled upon this song during the onset of Exam Season. And it's basically been on repeat for the remainder of the period. 

Another Exam Season discovery! I have to say, I think Blood Orange is one of my new favorites. His sound has a lot of the things I like: soft electronic pop: good! R&B vibes: good! A bit quirky: GOOD! I liken him to a modern-day, hipster Lionel Richie of sorts. "It Is What It Is" has been played on repeat for pretty much the last month, but an honorable mention goes to this song for favorite Blood Orange jam.

Another one from the exam list! Saint Vincent is another new-to-me artist. I really like the kind of '70s vibe of the melody in this song, juxtaposed with modern electronic touches. And it's an easy beat to read and you know, learn about finance to.

I have to add a guilty pleasure song. OR maybe not really. Hip hop/rap takes me back to my teens/early twenties in the US--it's fun to relive those "glory days" occasionally*.

*Despite the fact that I've gotten a bit disenchanted with the levels of misogyny in a lot of the lyrics as I've gotten older. But that's a subject for another post for another day.

I know this post is getting long--but there are so many great tunes this month! I love this mashup of Indian pop music and the summer jam "Lean On." It's fun, unexpected, and catchy.

And last, but certainly not least--I have to include a Christmas song! This is my current favorite Christmas song, mostly because it's by the lead singer of my favorite post-2000 band. But also because it's a cover of this classic.

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