The Best of the Internet -- Week 49

So, apparently it's been another week...which means 1. wow I have been busy, because I swear yesterday was Monday and 2. 3 WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! This year, my parents are coming to Stavanger instead of me flying to Seattle, and I am super excited for my first time "hosting" Christmas dinner at my place.

But anyhow!  Even though I have been so focused on schoolwork and other projects that I have totally neglected to post anything on here (even though I have so many IDEAS for things that can be posted about), I have still had time to putz around the internet and find amusing distractions.

Such as:

Wine About It--Reasons Mornings are the Worst
My friend and spirit animal, Matt, has done it again!  Mornings are seriously the worst.  Like literally the bane of my existence.  The daily routine of getting up and getting myself out the door is painful at best, and despite my best intentions to get up early and seize the dawn, I always end up oversleeping and silently hating myself for the rest of the day.  I wish could be more like Matt and give zero effs about my love affair with my bed.

Why You Always Lying?
I know I'm late to the party...but HMMMMOhMahGaw. I love this song. It has a catchy beat.  It has a sassy singer.  And it covers one of my favorite topics--calling out obvious BS.  I have decided that I am going to send this song (or perhaps the truncated Vine clip) to any guy on Tinder, Happn, etc. who attempts to impress me with some obvious bullsh--, such as: "Oh yeah, I am totally jacked like Channing Tatum" or "Yeah, I'm not only out for hookups" *sent at 3 am Saturday morning* or "I feel so comfortable with you and can talk to you more than with other girls." Why you always lying???Hmmmohmahgaw stop f@cking lying!

So with that, I conclude this week's installment of the Best of the Internet! Thank you clever internet people for providing me with endless fun and distractainment while I prepare for the last leg of my finals!

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