Lazy Sunday in My "New" Crib

Today is apparently the last day of January.  Which is crazy to me--it seems like we just rang in the new year. But January has been a busy month; between moving into a new flat, setting up the flat, and getting adjusted to a new class schedule, there has been a lot to get used to.   I always struggle to sleep properly in a new place, so whenever I move, I invest a lot of time in getting some sort of a system and routine established to help get myself on track.  So it's not all that strange that half the month went to getting set up in my place.  It's really quite the introvert's paradise: even though I'm only a two minute walk from downtown, I feel a bit "hidden" in a way, since my door and windows are all facing the back courtyard.  Super convenient for lazy Sundays when I just want to drink coffee and walk around in ugly sweats and/or underwear!

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