Snow in the 'Hood

After much anticipation, Stavanger has finally gotten some snow!  Since this fall was a bit warm and last winter was so mild, a blanket of fluffy, white snow has been warmly welcomed by me at least.  It always fascinates me how a few hours of snow can transform the whole neighborhood.  One of my favorite Sunday activities for the past few years has been to take a walk around the block and look at all of the beautiful houses.  A layer of the white stuff seems to add a whole new element to the experience, transforming the routine to the picturesque.

In other, more boring textbooks finally came in the mail today.  Along with their invoice.  It makes me kind of sad to read the grand total and think of the purse or plane tickets I could buy with that money, not to mention (and more importantly to be honest) the bills that could be paid, but alas--such is the student life.  Hopefully it proves to be a worthwhile investment!

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