5 Things I'm Looking Forward to in February

Oh look, it's mah FACE!

 Incredibly, yesterday was not only Monday, but the first of February! Time flies quickly as you get older apparently.  January was a month that ended up as simultaneously busy and lazy.  That makes zero sense, I know, but it really is how I would describe the month that's passed.

Now it is a new month, with new possibilities.  As cheesy as that may sound.  And while February is a short month, I feel I have a lot to look forward to over the next weeks.

5 things I am looking forward to in February:

My housewarming party!
On the 5th--so this coming Saturday--I am having a party to celebrate my moving in to my new place.  I really enjoy getting friends together over snacks and drinks, and some friends I haven't seen since before Christmas.  I'm looking forward the first of many cozy gatherings in my new home! 

Longer days
 So simple, yet so nice just the same.  Now that we are approaching spring, the days are starting to get noticeably longer.  Which is great for someone like me who really enjoys an evening walk around the neighborhood, but prefers not to be out and about when it is dark outside.

Starting at the gym
I haven't trained regularly at a gym in waaaay to many years.  Which is a bit strange for me to think about, since it was something I made a top priority for much of my early '20s.  This weekend, I finally ordered a student membership at the center by my house. I am really hoping that I can be disciplined and use it to its fullest! 

Getting a general sense of structure to my daily routine
After the move, I got really bad about being really lazy. I am not sure why, but it has caused me to develop some really bad habits when it comes to sleep and studying.  This cannot continue, so this month I am hoping to have a solid routine down from M-F so I can enjoy my weekends guilt-free.

Getting caught up on my reading
This goes hand in hand with the aforementioned goal.  While I have a decent grade average in my studies, I like to always push myself to perform to my best ability.  I would love to improve my grades in finance, and get more As this semester.  Which means I better stay on top of my reading starting yesterday! 

Planning more social gatherings
I have had so many ideas for fun social gatherings at my house--this month I want to set things in motion to try and make them happen!  The months of February and March I feel can easily feel dull, so it will be fun to plan a few things for me and my friends to look forward to while we wait for spring.

I have a lot of "personal" projects going on I suppose, but that is exactly what I want for this month.  Here's to hoping that posting about them here will hold me accountable and get me to actually do them! (A totally different story in itself!)

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