Current Tunes -- February Edition

Since it has been approximately a grillion years (OK, a few months) since I did a Current Tunes post, I thought now was a very appropriate time to round up the favorites gracing my playlists this February.

This song is super catchy--I love it! It kind of reminds me of a chilled-out version of MIA's "Paper Planes."

Låpsley is British, and not Norwegian/Scandinavian. I was so surprised to learn this when I Googled her the other day, especially considering the "å" in her name.  Either way, I love the clean, electro-pop sound of her tunes.

Another song by the artist who brought us "Take Me to Church."  However, this song has an entirely different sound (I actually didn't realize it was the same artist until I found this song on Spotify).  Both songs are great, with this one getting heavy rotation on my current favorite playlist.

Kings of Leon are always good, pretty much on every song they put out.  This one is no exception!

Confession:  Sia's new album was pretty much the only thing I listen to for a solid two weeks.  While the novelty has since worn off, this song is still by far my favorite off that record.  Great for parties, great for training, great for everything!

That's it for February's tunes! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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