6 Things I'm Looking Forward to in March

Lighter, brighter nail polishes are coming out for Spring!

March has suddenly sprung itself upon us, bringing a month of new possibilities and things to look forward to.  The things I am most looking forward to in March are:

Longer days and a (hopefully) general thawing out of the world around me. If Friday's walk is any indication, the days seem to be getting brighter and warmer.  Just yesterday I noticed that it was still reasonably light out at 17:00.  No complaints here!

Going on more walks.  Speaking of improving weather, taking more walks outside is another activity high on my list of things I want to do in March. I always prefer to exercise outdoors, but as Stavanger is known for its gusting winds and sideways rain, it isn't always tempting unless I want to get blown away.  (There is actually an expression in Norway: "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes."  But I'm American. And when it is windy and raining sideways, I stay inside and go to the gym!).  Anyways, nicer days bring outside walks with them as another training option, and I am looking forward to taking advantage of it!

Deep cleaning my closet (s).  I feel like this is a forever ongoing project at my house. But this month, I want to totally empty my closet, only put back the pieces that I know I will use, and donate the rest (the ones in donate-able condition, that is).  I hate having an excess of "stuff" that takes up space and never gets used.

Brightening up my nail routine. While Chanel "Rouge Noir" will always be no. 1 in my world, I am looking forward to switching to brighter, spring-ier colors like "Unmistakeable" by Formula X or "Between the Sheets" and "Don't Stop Believing" by Deborah Lippmann.

Perusing magazines and Pinterest for spring outfit/home/makeup inspiration.  As basic as it sounds, I am just as guilty as everyone else of getting excited when the seasons shift.  I'm a student, so I am on a tight budget when it comes to shopping.  I try to shop my closet as much as I can and re-use existing pieces as much as possible.  March is a great month for this, as so many winter items can transition nicely into early spring.  I know I am far from the first to think this way, and am most certainly not the last, but it's always fun to get creative and come up with new combinations!

Utepils! Also known as the special word they have in Norwegian for the concept of sitting outside and drinking a beer on a sunny day.  Can also be an utevin (outside wine, that is).

While surely the month of March has much more to offer than just these six things, these are the activities I am most looking forward to.  Can't wait to see what more this month has to offer as it gets further underway!

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