Current Tunes -- March Edition

As March draws to a close, it becomes time once again to share the 'tunes I have been bumping over the past few weeks.  This month was a bit pop/hip-hop heavy.  Which totally corresponds with my recent fitness push and spring cleaning project!
I know I am a bit late to the party on this one, but "Work" has seriously been my JAAMM this month.  Interestingly, this month has been one of the laziest in a long time.  You would think that hearing Rihanna telling me to "Work Work Work Work Work" on the daily would give me the kick in the @ss I need to just get to work already, but no.  Here's to a more productive April.

I'm going super Norwegian with this one, as Matoma and Astrid S are about as Norwegian Pop as it gets at the moment.  This isn't a brand new song, but I'm still not tired of it! I love Matoma's mixes, and "Old Thing Back" from last summer is still one of my favorite party songs.

I just discovered Fat Tony, although this album is from 2013.  This song is by far my favorite on the album, which in itself is pretty great.

If I need an extra boost of self confidence, or to just generally feel like a bad b@tch, I put this song on. This may seem totally random, but I find drag queens to be a big source of inspiration. The confidence. The makeup. The HAIR. But that's another post for another day.

This is a relatively new song, and while it is a bit Teeny-Boppy, I love the beat!
And so concludes my March 'Tunes!  What are you playing this month?

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