I Figured Out How to Remove That Horrible Banner/Frame Thing on Bloglovin' and Other News

I know what you must be thinking..."thank you, Captain Obvious."

I, like most of the blog reading population, like to use a reader to keep track of all of the blogs I read.  My reader of choice happens to be Bloglovin.  Recently (it was probably at least six months ago, but okay),  I noticed that they updated their coding so that whenever you opened a blog entry, it would have this banner/frame type thing at the top of the post so you could see other posts in your feed as you read.  Convenient right? Wrong! Well, at least for me, since I like to scroll up and down on my computer using the arrow keys (because I am old and all the new browser iterations do not have proper scroll bars, just this strange floating thing that only seems to appear on screen when it feels like it).  Under this system, my innocent attempts to scroll down often resulted in accidentally making switching to the next post.  I had decided that I should probably just live with it (or maybe learn how to scroll in the year 2016) when I discovered the "Bloglovin' frame" option in my profile settings.  Yes, right there in front of my face the whole time.  Good job me.  But now I am frame-less and happy, so no complaints here!

In other news!  My blog has gotten a small makeover.  I am a big fan of the sticky nav bar, which was surprisingly easy to make.

Happy Almost Weekend!


  1. I just found your blog through a google search -- THANK YOU for the Bloglovin' tip! That arrow key thing has been driving me crazy!

    1. oh yay, glad it worked for you! :) Also glad it wasn't just me who was going batty from that dang arrow key:P


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