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A while ago, H&M revamped their in-house beauty line.  Now, I am an unabashed beauty junkie, and have been known to be quite picky when it comes to the products I use.  As a result, I was highly skeptical when the line was re-released, as I had had some less than ideal personal experiences and read mixed reviews for their previous cosmetics label.  But, when I heard great things about the updated brand through the beauty grapevine, I thought I would give it a try.

I started by picking up an eyebrow pencil and a nail polish sometime before Christmas.  My eyebrows are basically bald towards the center of my face (true story, and one I will save for another blog post).  As a student with Moët taste on a Keystone Light* budget, I am always on the lookout for a pencil that 1). fixes my half-bald brows without making them look like I drew them on with a Sharpie 2). stays put all day and 3). doesn't cost tons of money.  Long story short--the H&M eye pencil provides exactly that perfect combination. I do need to sharpen it quite a bit to get the look I want, but at 39,50 kr a pencil, it doesn't break my budget if I need to repurchase it every other month or so.  I also keep an extra one in my purse makeup bag for touch ups.

Following the recommendation one of my favorite Norwegian bloggers**, I also decided to try a nail polish. I first picked up the color "Sepia," which is lovely blush color.  In my opinion, the formula of the H&M nail polishes can easily compete with some of my more expensive polishes.  I also really like that the brush is relatively wide, which helps with application precision.  At least for someone like me, who isn't exactly the most coordinated (especially when applying polish to my non-dominant hand).  The formula is also relatively thick, which reduces both the number of coats needed and chipping.  In the last four months or so, I have since purchased the colors "Bitter Chocolate" and "Aquatique," which are both just as lovely to use as "Sepia."  The last thing I love about H&M's polishes is that their in-store display includes a color swatch for each nail product.  I find this super helpful in making sure a nail polish isn't too yellow or too pink for my skin before purchasing.

The most recent product I've tried is the concealer.  I picked this up when I had run out of all of my favorite high end concealers, but didn't have the extra cash to spend on replacing them.  I bought the shade "Desert" in an effort to see if a budget-friendly option might work in the meantime, and have been pleasantly surprised with the results.  The package bills this concealer as "buildable," and buildable it is!  I have very stubborn genetic dark circles, and this product covers them beautifully, along with other blemishes and imperfections.  Another plus: I can use the same color under my eyes as on the rest of my face.  I fully intend on repurchasing this concealer.  And at just under 60 kr a pop, I can even get an extra one to keep in my purse!

Based on the products I've tried, I am very impressed with H&Ms beauty line, and am super happy to have found a few budget friendly products to help get me through the rest of my studies with my bankroll in tact.  It is nice to know that I don't have to sacrifice looking my best in an effort to save some coins. (Always a plus, right?).

*Let it be known that I intend no slight against Keystone Light.  Many a fun time was had in my college years while enjoying a cold Keystone.
**I sadly can't remember which one, or else I would link to the original post so Norwegian-speaking (or Google translate-happy) readers could see what she thinks, too (I do remember that it was a girl blogger).

All items mentioned in this post were acquired with my own funds. I have no relationship with the brands mentioned in this post, aside from being a consumer of their products.  All statements made in this post represent my opinion based upon personal use of tbe products mentioned.

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