Lazy Days

We are now well into Easter holiday (Påskeferien) here in Norway, and for my part the days have consisted mainly of drinking wine, sleeping, relaxing, eating, repeat.  In Norway, everything shuts down for five days or so over Easter weekend while Ola and Kari Nordmann peace out to their cabin for a few days of skiing/doing other fun cabin activities.   While I love a good cabin trip, my tradition over the past few years (when not at home in the U.S.) has been what I like to call "cabin trip at home," which is basically my cute name for a staycation where I stock up on essentials before the stores close and hunker down for a few days of R&R.  I may also pay the occasional visit to friends who haven't joined Ola and Kari for cabin adventures, depending on whether I feel adventurous enough to take on the bus system and its wonky holiday schedule. 

The first year I did this was painfully boring (which I suppose is understandable for a then relatively newly single 25 year old), but the tradition has grown on me over time.  Now I look forward to the opportunity to go guilt-free MIA for a few days and recharge my batteries.  I feel like this year's "cabin trip at home" more than others is especially needed, particularly in light of all the tragedy in the news recently.  

I've also made a list of projects to do in my flat over the weekend, but have noticed that my motivation to get started on them is not exactly working in my favor. (Bascially, I just want to keep eating candy and drinking wine).  In fact, this blog post was inspired by my current feeling of "everything other than what I told myself I should be doing is more fun so let's do that instead."  But the best part of a vacation (or staycation in my case) is that it is just that--a vacation.  I can't do whatever I want to do, darn it.  No obligations, no worries, no stress!  

Happy Easter weekend to those celebrating, and happy spring to those who celebrate that!

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