Non-Boot Shoes

Today marked the passing of a momentous occasion--namely, the first time I left the house in shoes that were not boots in all of 2016 (running shoes and wellies do not count). I was a genius and bought these shoes from Zara back in the fall, just in time for the onset of the rainy and snowy season. To say that I have been looking forward to finally wearing them this spring would be an understatement. I love the sleek look of them and the metal details on the toes. And the fact that using them at all is a sign in itself of longer, brighter, and warmer days ahead.

P.S. I hate how new shoes always seem to tear up my feet. Can't wait for these bad boys to get broken in so I can wear them with ease! I saw another girl rocking the same pair on my way home from school today, and couldn't help but wonder if hers hurt her feet, too (it didn't look like it, but who knows. Maybe her "painful shoe walk" is a bit better honed than mine).

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