Pinterest Got Me Like

All photos from Pinterest.  

As evidenced by the link in this post, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to coffee table styling.  I've lived in my place for two months now, and I am still not 100% happy with the current set up on my coffee table.  Granted, it is a bit difficult to syle because it's odd sized (kidney bean shaped to be specific).  I am loving some of these ideas, though! My favorite is the round tray with the metallic candle sticks at the bottom center. I am tempted to try it, as long as the candle sticks I have don't block the TV.  Yes, the struggle is REAL over here!

TV blocking or not, these pretty coffee tables have definitely inspired me to take another look at what I have going on here.  Who knows? Maybe I will move some things around and create my own new tablescape when I do my round of cleaning this weekend.

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