The Best of the Internet--Week 11

Friday has come and gone, but this week's Best of the Internet round up is here just the same!  I even made a fancy new picture to go with these posts because I am that excited.  (Or, I just wanted a picture to put here because I think it's boring when a post only contains a wall of text.  That and I have no life think it is fun to make pictures).  Anyhow!  On to my favorite links:

I liked how this article broke down seven so-called rules that always seemed unrealistic to me in sustaining a healthy relationship. Some of these rules--like the notion that a relationship should always be "easy" or partners should never fight--seem like they could cause hangups if a given relationship isn't "living up" to the standards set by these rules. I appreciate that this article debunks these myths while emphasizing that "healthy" is better defined by communication patterns and how the partners themselves feel the relationship is working.

Last week, I wrote about how technology/social media have a tendency to eat our souls be a huge time suck in everyday life.  This article from a few weeks ago focuses on similar themes, particularly as they relate to standards of politeness when interacting with others online.  I particularly liked the emphasis on kindness, expressing gratitude, and sticking to the same basic standards of decorum one adheres to in a face-to-face setting.  

Further, her point on not following people just to gain followers back on social media resonated quite a bit with me.  That actually has to be one of my biggest online pet peeves, not only because it serves as a reminder of social media's tendency towards shameless self promotion (which hey, we all do it to a degree), but also because it is such a disingenuous way to engage with people.  Which ties in to Ardelia's main point: that the people on the other end of our social media interactions are just that--people.  

I'm technically a strange cross of late '90s and '00s girl, but OK.  This listicle (I actually hate that word and don't know why I typed it just now) spoke to my teenage self in a profound way...mostly because it outlined my teenage struggles oh-so-well.  Such as item 1-oh the eyebrows! I tried to pluck my eyebrows super thin a la Rachel Leigh Cook in She's All That and am still paying the price 16ish years later. (She's All That was technically a '90s move...but like I said...weird cross between '90s and '00s girl over here).

By the way...I don't relate to that bean pizza at all.  Was that a UK thing? Because I do not remember ever seeing anything like that in the US.  

NYT Style Magazine profiles a store that sells groceries without packaging.  I have to say, I love this concept (which isn't anything new--we didn't really have packaging on our groceries until around the mid-twentieth century).  I feel like my trash can consists of 70% food packaging.  For example: here in Norway, cucumbers and red peppers are individually shrink wrapped prior to store distribution.  While I see the sanitary benefits of this packaging, nine times out of ten I end up washing my vegetables again before using them.  If I am going to wash them off anyway, why not eliminate wasteful packaging all together?  I love what this store is doing, and hope it becomes popular in other places, too. (I am also aware that if I shop at my local farmer's market, I won't get packaged vegetables. Something I have been wanting to get into, but I also like the idea of no or less packaging becoming more mainstream).

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