The First Nice Day

Yesterday was what felt like the first genuinely nice day in Stavanger in literal years.  OK, perhaps not that extreme, but we certainly were graced with the nicest weather so far this year.  So, when a girlfriend of mine asked if I wanted to drop the gym and take a walk along the beaches by her house instead, a resounding Y-E-S was the most logical answer.

I always like to say that Norway is a beautiful country, but it turns into paradise when the sun shines. The views along the trail yesterday definitely served as a reminder as to why I said this in the first place.

We both had anticipated the normal blustering winds along the coast, but yesterday was surprisingly calm and even warm--so much so that we had to unzip our "bubble jackets" (as they call them here) after about half an hour of power walking.

The combination of fresh air, sun, not freezing temperatures, coffee in a thermos (with--if I'm being honest--a splash or two of Bailey's. It was Friday, don't judge us!), and catching up on life added up to a great start to the weekend.  We also had fun looking at all of the beautiful waterfront homes that we will never be able to afford.  One such house belonged to a brave older woman who thought it was a great day for sunbathing in her bikini (!) even tough there were still small piles of snow on her lawn.  While we were warm and definitely over wearing heavy coats, I can't imagine stripping down to my 'kini quite yet.  It was definitely an "Only in Norway" kind of moment!

Now I am off to bake a cake for my friend's baby shower.  It is one of my favorite cakes to make, but I haven't made it in over a year.  Hoping I still have the magic touch and can make it just as delicious as last time!

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