What's in My Bag -- The "Keeping it Real" Edition

Happy Monday! I thought I would start the week with a "What's in My Bag" post.  But not just any "What's in My Bag" post.  In the spirit of authenticity, I thought I would go for full disclosure and reveal what I actually have been toting around with me instead of the curated, Instagram-worthy version.  Although, as a relatively green blogger, I am starting to wonder if that was a particularly good idea.  Never good to let your crazy show too early, right?  So if you feel at all inclined to close out of this page and back away slowly based on today's post, I would totally understand.

But if you are like me and have a black hole for a purse, you're in good company.

The other day, I decided that my bag was long overdue for a good cleaning out.  This normally happens pretty regularly, but apparently I have been slacking.  Because when I emptied the contents of my purse, my floor looked a little something like this:

Horrifying, am I right?  I'm apparently the Marry Poppins of random trash.

What exactly I was I lugging around in my bag? Well, let's see, it seems I have been toting around the following items for the past few months (clockwise-ish from far left):

  • Not one, but two IKEA shopping lists, complete with corresponding golf pencils.  
  • A sad little pack of gum with one piece left in it.
  • A black hair tie which I don't think is mine, since I only use dark brown ones (or I borrowed from someone who had black ones on hand--the most likely scenario and the one I am choosing to go with so I can sleep at night.  I hate germs, even though this photo seems to indicate otherwise).
  • Lots of papers, and even a paper bag! The papers were grocery lists from Christmas dinner (I wish that was an exaggeration, but it's totally true), grocery lists from a few weeks ago, and some receipts. The paper bag was used to carry a gift to my friend's baby shower last weekend.
  • A small pouch of wine. Because that's super useful to have on one's person at all times (OK, it's from my road trip to Bergen. It was intended for the hotel pre-party and apparently forgotten).
  • My on-the-go makeup bag (for gym/touchups/whatever) that apparently ate my earphones, too.  Earphones are trying desperately to escape.
  • The sleeve to my umbrella.  Umbrella did not make it into the bag, but its sleeve was hanging tough (the two have since been reunited).
  • An Atkins bar wrapper.
  • A Cola Life and a bottle of water. Because hydration and caffeination are always important. Duh.
  • My sunglasses' case.  My sunglasses did not make it into their home, but had instead taken up residence on the top of my shoe shelf.  These items, too, have since been reunited.
  • Coins!  Mostly small change in Norwegian kroner, but I had 50 pence in there, too.  Worth noting that I haven't set foot in the UK since 2013 and definitely did not take this bag on that trip, so your guess is as good as mine as to how that got in there.
  • The little box and bag that my earphones are supposed to live in when not in use.
  • More random papers.
  • A pen.
  • Tanning goggles.  Which, like I mentioned in this post, I no longer have any use for. 
  • Burt's Bees lip balm.  A tried and true favorite since college!
  • Eye drops.
  • A pouch that I keep medicine in, usually paracet and ibux (ibuprofen/another pain killer), and sometimes herbal sleep aids (melatonin) for when I travel.
  • My wallet.
  • Random beauty implements--an H&M nail polish and my Buxom Celeste lip gloss.
  • My very well-loved H&M gloves.
  • The instruction pamphlet from the paracet box.
  • A small flashlight that I sometimes carry when it is dark outside so drivers can see me.
  • Bookmark tabby-things for my schoolbooks.
  • A headband that keeps my ears warm because hats look stupid on me.  
  • My bag-o-lipsticks.  Because that's something everyone has in her purse, right?
  • A tag to a t-shirt.   

There you have it.  Confessions of a covert hoarder.  Rest assured--all trash was removed and odd items restored to their proper place.   I didn't realize how much I missed having a normal, not 20 pound purse to carry around, but it really is a pretty awesome feeling.

What is the weirdest thing you've found in your bag?

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