6 Things I'm Looking Forward to in April

April is now upon us! Well, actually, we are almost halfway through April, so oops on my part for taking so long to notice.  Despite my lack of time awareness, today I thought I would share some of the things I am looking forward to now that April (and spring!) are officially underway. 

 It's still OK that I write about things to look forward to April now, right? Even though I waited until long into the month to think of them?  Yes? OK, I think so, too.

Now that everything seems to have (hopefully!) thawed out for the season, I am looking forward to a lot of things--from the sartorial to the personal:

Wearing lighter clothes!  And OK maybe my new shoes in the picture above.  They are so comfortable and give my spring wardrobe a VERY needed update.

Retiring my parka for a few months.  I mean, don't get me wrong, my parka and I go way back, but I am definitely looking forward to wearing other jackets for a little while, and maybe even *gasp* going without stockings when I wear skirts (yeah, right. Totally a "thing to look forward to" for May, but a girl can dream!).

Actually taking that utepils I talked about in March.  Utepils (a delightful Norwegian concept that translates to "outside beer") definitely did not happen in March.  It was too cold, man! Here's to hoping that 2016's inaugural utepils happens in April.

Becoming very smart in the subjects of finance and statistics.  Because exams, yo.

Finishing that closet purge project.  I feel like this process always takes several weeks/months, as I never seem to be brutal enough with the items I should get rid of during the first round o' purging.  If it hasn't been used in a year, it has to G-O!  Maybe I should make a sign that says as much to tape to my closet mirror.

Spending more time outside.  Now that it is a bit warmer and slightly less rainy and windy, I am looking forward to changing up my exercise routine and adding a few walks to the mix.  I used to be great about doing this, but then I moved and my walking routes got all messed up.  No excuse, especially now that the weather is getting so nice!

More than anything, I think I am looking forward to experiencing and appreciating the change of the seasons.  I'm not traditionally a spring/summer person (I am one of those freaks of nature who gets seasonal depression during the warmer months.  I know, strange!), but this year I can honestly say that I am really enjoying each season for what it is.  Something to do with getting older, maybe?  Regardless of the reason, I am glad spring is here, and am definitely looking forward to ushering in all the things that come with it!

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