Current Tunes -- April Edition

As April draws to a close, all I can say is: DANG, that went by fast.  Because seriously. I feel like it was March the last time I checked.

Anyhow! This month, like any month, has not been without its music favorites.  Here are a few of the tunes I have been playing the most in April:

A quirky and moody song that I can't seem to stop listening to. Also, I just get a kick out of Iggy Pop.
*Side note: Iggy Pop once narrated a radio documentary on William Burroughs. Iggy's quirky twist on the narrative coupled with his distinctive voice made for extra interesting listening! This American Life re-broadcast it last year sometime, but I think the original may have been from NPR.

**Extra side note: Iggy also has a pet Cockatoo called Biggie who dances while he plays guitar.  #lifegoals

Sturgill Simpson's twangy cover of "In Bloom" has been another tune on repeat this month. Now, I am normally against any attempt to remake songs I consider to have such an iconic sound. But this rendition of one of my all time favorites is a clear exception. Sturgill manages to make the song his own while at the same time preserving the angsty essence of Kurt Cobain's lyrics. (In my humble, pedestrian opinion, that is).

A new tune from one of my all-time favorite bands! Old or new, Weezer songs always remind me of high school, since I started getting super into them after Green Album was released (which corresponded with the beginning of my Freshman year).  So far, I am really liking the songs off their new White Album--I would say it's their best in a while, aside from last year's. This tune is by far my favorite though!

One of my least favorite activities of all time is washing dishes.  I don't have a dishwasher (super old building! That and the space I live in was originally designed for a small business, not a living space), so I have to do them by hand.  This song is on the playlist I put on to motivate myself to tackle the pile in the sink. It's upbeat vibes definitely put me in a good mood that makes a much-hated chore a bit more bearable, to the point where I might even halfway enjoy it.

And last, but certainly not least, a tune by the late, great legend--the Purple One himself (RIP). I am seriously so depressed that 2016 has seen the loss of so many talented individuals, among them Prince.  Seriously, 2016, please stop taking so many actors and musicians!!

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