New Food Obsession

I am obsessed with speltlomper and could eat them for every meal.

Oh hey, blog world.  It's been a minute a week-ish since I updated this space.  I started a new part-time job that has me on my feet quite a bit, which leaves me pretty lazy and useless in my time off as I'm still getting used to the new routine.  But I won't complain--I'm stoked to be employed, and really enjoy the work (I sell shoes. So I spend the day surrounded by beautiful shoes, help people find shoes that make them feel fabulous, and HAVE to try on shoes as part of my job. Yeah.  No complaints here at all).

ANYHOW!  On to the stuff I really wanted to talk about.  Namely a new food obsession.  Now, I am definitely a bit late to the party on this one, as they've apparently been a staple for a while.  But last week, I tried speltlomper.

Lomper are Norwegian tortilla-type things that are made with potatoes (not to be confused with the more well-known lefse, which are also Norwegian tortilla-type things made from potatoes. The two apparently vary in consistency and use despite obvious similarities).  Mostly known as a very Norwegian alternative to hot dog buns, lomper are normally made with white flour.  To make them healthier, lomper can also be made with spelt flour.  And let me say--they are both delicious and filling!  I've been eating them as wraps as pictured above, or rolled up with peanut butter and jam as a quick and high energy snack to take to work.  Delicious!

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