On My Coffee Table

Remember that one time I was talking about how I had an entire Pinterest board dedicated to coffee table styling?

Well, after much arranging and rearranging, I have settled on a new display that is, if I'm being honest here, not that different almost exactly the same as it was before (as a reference, this post shows more or less what it looked like before).  What can I say, I love using magazines as decor!  Plus, now I have all candles, something I think will look a lot nicer at nighttime.   Not to mention, it's always fun to freshen things up a little bit for spring!

The silver candle was gift one of my girlfriends brought home from Copenhagen, and the glass tea light holder came from Bolia--one of my favorite interior shops! I love their aesthetic.  Last, but certainly not least, the gold tea light holder is actually a re-purposed Voluspa candle.  I think their candles are so pretty, and never have the heart to throw them away once I have burned up all the wax.  So, I keep my favorite ones and re-use them as candle holders.  This is actually one of my favorite ways to save money while also earning green points for recycling!

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