Are Instagram Eyebrows on the Way Out?

1. Bare brows and gorgeous cobalt blue liner at Milan Fashion Week
2. Tangerine dream at John Galliano during Paris Fashion Week
3. Gorgeous metallics at Mac PlayLab (OK not a fashion week look, but still amazing!)
4. Beautiful bronze at Elie Saab during Paris Fashion Week

It is no secret that fully-defined, thick, and fleeky eyebrows--also known as Instagram eyebrows (yes, that's me rocking the infamous Instagram 'brow)--have been the go-to look for the past several years.  However, in perusing Mac Cosmetics' coverage of the various ongoing AW17 fashion weeks, I have noticed an interesting trend: well-groomed, yet completely product-free eyebrows.

Now, fashion week tends to lean towards the exhibition of the avant-garde.  Dramatic looks take the stage in order to fully express the designer's vision for the new line.  Indeed, many of these sparse-eyebrow looks feature a sense of boldness elsewhere, such as the high pigment bronze at Paris Fashion Week or the bright blue liner at Milan Fashion Week.

While fashion week relies on a level of intensity not often adopted by the mainstream, I can't help but wonder if these eyebrow looks are a subtle nod to the way forward.  Which leads me to the question: are Instagram eyebrows on the way out?  Should we throw away our pencils and powders in favor of just a spoolie and some brow gel?

I, for one, will be keeping my eye on the development of this trend.

Have you noticed a softening of eyebrow makeup in the beauty world?
Are Instagram eyebrows here to stay, or are they on their way out in 2017?

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