At Every Occasion I'll Be Ready for a Funeral

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Sunglasses: LeSpecs (HERE) | Scarf: Bianco | Coat: Only (Old, similar HERE. Bonus: It's on sale!) | Pants: Dr. Denim (Similar HERE) | Boots: Bianco (Old)

Today, on what should have been a fun and exciting occasion (taking my first outfit photos for the blog, of course!), a tragedy occurred.  As I was setting up that first shot up there, a gust of wind picked up and WHOOSH!  My trusty iPhone went a-flying.  Before I could react, I heard a flat SMASH.  There lay my beloved mobile device, face up with the screen crushed to oblivion.  

Now, I am not sure how I should interpret this event, as I have always been a big believer in "signs" and the like.  I have concluded that the crushed iPhone indeed can mean the following:

1. My blog is doomed and I should never take another outfit photo again.
2. Karma is having fun with me for being vain and taking photos of myself to post online. 
3. I should stop taking myself so seriously. Shit happens. Oh, and maybe wait until my tripod arrives before taking more outfit photos. 

I am going with 2 and 3 for now.  I don't believed in doomed or not doomed, only the power of positive thinking.  And the strength of Stavanger's ferocious March winds.  Because clearly.

Now I am off to mourn the loss of faithful 5s, and enjoy our last few days together before my mailbox is graced with its replacement. RIP, iPhone.

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