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Closeup of my shirt! I love it; it's so soft and cozy.

Shirt: Cheap Monday | Jacket: Vero Moda (Similar on sale HERE)
Leggings: Object Collector's Item | Shoes: Bianco

Whaaaat two outfits in one week? What is this madness?

I am still getting into my groove with this whole blogger-in-the-wild posed photo thing.  For whatever reason, posting photos of myself on the internet doesn't phase me at all.  But getting caught taking the photos to be posted on the internet?  That is a completely different story.  (Worth noting:  I decided to start a style blog, and understand that if I don't want my picture taken, I have chosen the wrong hobby.  I am just full of newbie jitters/have this general complex where I think everyone is laughing and pointing at me at all times. Bear with me!).

To combat this, I thought I would ease into taking pictures *gasp* in public by finding a quiet side street with a light post or street sign to hook my travel tripod onto.  This block, I thought, is nowhere important.  No one can see me! HA!  So, I set up shop thinking I was in the clear.  Nope. So wrong I was.  Suddenly, I heard the telltale "click" of car doors unlocking next to me.  The owner of the car parked right beside me was coming! A few minutes later, a friendly-looking woman who kind of looked like my mom walked up.

"Halllooooo!" I made eye contact as she smiled at me in bemusement.  The smirk on my face gave away the fact that I was well aware of how ridiculous I looked.  "HeisÃ¥nn!" ("Hi there!") she said, smiling, before getting into her car and driving away.

And that, my friends, is how I got over my fear of taking outfit photos in public.  Now to be on the lookout for some slightly prettier backdrops for future photos!

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