I've Converted - New Go-To Product to Naturally Fill in Sparse Eyebrows

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Back in the days of yore (so, the year 2000-2001), teenage me thought it would be an excellent idea to pluck her eyebrows to that time's favored pin-thin shape, and that having eyebrow hairs past the inner corner of the eye was overrated.

Like many others whose former selves were a bit too heavy handed with the tweezers, 20-something me has come to deeply regret this decision.  While the body of my eyebrows has more or less managed to grow back over the years, the hairs over the inner corner of my eyes have only barely made their way back.  As a result, 2011-2017 me chooses to elongate her truncated brows by drawing them on.

I have gone through so many products over the years--markers, pencils, powders, you name it.  But, it was only at the end of 2016 that I picked up the cult favorite brow powder from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  I know. Talk about being late to the party!

Since I feel that it looks most natural when I do my eyebrows in an ashy brunette color, I chose the brow powder duo in dark brown.

For extra precision, I dip my brush in a bit of water or saline solution.  Then, I apply the product as normal, carefully making hair-like hatch marks at the inner corner to help lengthen my eyebrows.  Sometimes I combine the powder with a pomade or gel for extra precision. In a pinch, however, I am good to go with just this product--another plus if you're anything like me and hate getting out of bed but still want to look your best in the wee hours of the morning.

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