March Snow in Stavanger

Yesterday, we were treated to one of Norway's favorite spring weather phenomena--the March snow.  While others who may be so lucky so as to live in a more temperate climate pack down their winter clothes in favor of light spring jackets and shoes, we in Rogaland bundled up for the first (and probably only) snow of the year.

For whatever reason, a change in weather offers a change in perspective.  At least for me.  While I was editing these photos, I was struck by how picturesque my town really is.  It is definitely something I take for granted when I see it every day.  But I remember how charming I found Breiavatnet (this pond) when I first moved to Stavanger.  To the right of this view stands a row of bus hutches for several main lines.  My first summer here, I marvelled at the fact that I had such a scenic view while doing something so mundane as take the bus.  After six years, however, it is now just Breiavatnet, and of course it is always there.

However, as I stood and snapped these photos, the dusting of snow seemed to shine a new light on the daily view. It is truly lovely.

One thing I never tire of is watching the family of swans that inhabit Breiavatnet.  There is a swan couple that seem to rule the roost (the male of which I believe is pictured here).  Over the years, some of their children have hung around.  It can be quite amusing to see up to eight swans swimming around the small pond.  More amusing still is the swans' response to the waters' occasional freezing over.  They do not fly away; they do not move to shore.  No.  The swans simply walk about the frozen waters, confused as to why they no longer are able to swim.

This somewhat mundane departure from the sartorial may seem a bit random, but I swear it's not.  I feel that inspiration can come from almost any source, and today it comes from the picturesque charm of my little town.

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