New Skincare Discoveries

 This post contains neither affiliate links nor sponsored content--I am sharing these items with you because I love them and hope you will, too!

I am on what often feels like a perpetual quest for two skin remedies:

1. To reduce the oil and blackheads happening on my combination/oily skin, and

2. Keep my thin-ish lips from drying out and looking even thinner than they already are.

So, when I saw the Facebook ads for the Decrusto black mask and Nugg lip mask from, I got sucked right in!

The mask promises to clean out pores, leaving the complexion glowing and smooth.  As my skin tends to get a bit oily, I often walk around with a feeling of not being 100% clean unless I exfoliate, use a mask, or otherwise deep-clean my face.  This product works much like other masks--the instructions said to apply and wait 20-30 minutes until the mask tightens and dries.  Then, it peels off.

But, did it work?!

Boy, did it!  The Decrusto mask peeled right off like a big, giant pore strip for my whole face.  With it went all the nasty pore gunk that I had apparently been carrying around with me, leaving my skin smooth and pores clean.  The best part?  This product was super gentle and didn't dry out my sensitive-yet-oily face. Since I ordered it, I have already used this mask three times, and consider it to be a staple in my weekly routine. 10/10 will repurchase!

The other product I fell for was the Nugg lip mask.  My lips tend to get very dry and flakey.  Not sexy. At all.  So, when I saw the video demo for this product, I thought: sure, why not?!

The result?

Another winner!  I apply the Nugg lip mask every night after I brush my teeth, tissue it off after 20 minutes, apply some coconut oil, and hit the hay.  The package claims that this product also offers a bit of natural lip plumping, but I am not sure I have seen the results of that on myself beyond the first use.  But, the moisturising effect is excellent, so no complaints here!

Both products were pretty reasonable in price, another plus for those of us on a student budget.

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