Spontaneous Impulse Buy: H&M High Impact Eye Color Review

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of H&M's beauty line.  In fact, I use their nail polishes and eyebrow pencil almost exclusively, which is quite the endorsement from a self-identified beauty snob like myself.  So, when I saw Moss It Over sitting near the checkout line on Friday, I decided to give it ago.

Moss It Over is a khaki green shade with a hint of shimmer. Perfect, I thought, for Saint Patrick's Day!

The color swatched very beautifully on my arm, as seen in the photo above.  However, I did notice that there was quite a bit of fallout during the swatching process.  This gave me a bit of pause, but did not stop me from using the product that night.

The result?

To be honest, I was quite disappointed.  The fallout during swatching was absolutely an indicator of the fallout situation during application.  Furthermore, there was almost no color payoff on my eyelids--I actually had to go over Moss it Over with a shimmery green color I had from before.  The poor color payoff, combined with the excessive amount of fallout, makes this product a dud for me. 10/10 would not repurchase.  

However, I will not let this negative impression keep me from trying more of H&M's beauty products, as I have had nothing but great experiences with them in the past.  No beauty line is going to hit it out of the park on every product, and finding one's favorites is always a process of trial and error.

Have you tried any of the eyeshadows from H&M? What has your experience been like?

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