Tall Girl Tip: Finding a Hat that Fits

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Happy Friday!

Today I thought I would share a tip with my fellow tall girls and/or girls who were cursed with a large mellon head like me.  (Large mellon heads do not discriminate against height, I have been told).

The cap trend from the last year or so has definitely carried over to 2017, and this is one item that I have been wanting to add to my closet.  The problem?  None. Of. The. Hats. Fit. On. My. Head.

After an afternoon of trying pretty much every black cap I could find in the shops, I had a brilliant idea.

What if I try the men's department?

So, I moseyed on over to the men's section at H&M Divided, and found so. many. hats.  And all of them fit on my head!  One thing I noticed about the women's hats was that none of them had an adjustable back strap--a must for getting the right fit.  The men's hats? They all had it!  I was kicking myself for not checking the men's department before. Eventually, I settled on this mesh hat. I couldn't be happier with it!  It has a bit of a street-meets-trucker-hat vibe, so I pair it with sleek pieces like pointy ankle boots to maintain a polished look.

In addition to my awesome H&M cap, I've found a collection of cute and affordable man hats for my fellow mellon-headed gals.  Let me know if you find one you like!

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