5 Things I'm Looking Forward to in April

Well, I blinked, and apparently it's April now.  How did that happen?!

Seriously though. I swear it feels like it's still January!  I guess it's true what they say: time goes faster as you get older.  At any rate, it is now April, the first full month of Spring.  And I am not complaining about that! 

To kick off both a new week a new month here on the blog, here are five things I am looking forward to in April:

1. More utepils! Seriously, is there such thing as enough good times drinking a cold beer in the sun with good friends? I don't think so! Plus, despite the fact that we are officially into spring, the sun is still a bit touch and go.  It's appearance must therefore be celebrated!

2. This blog! In March, I officially got this blog up and running.  I am still getting my footing with this new venture, and still have a few kinks to work out as I go.  However, there have also been some great moments-tons of great feedback, along with joining the Style Collective blog network!

I have so much great content lined up for the months of April and May, and I am beyond excited to share it, as well as to see what the month of April brings.

3.  Getting 100% on top of my life with school.  Because next month is the start of the dreaded Exam Season, and I want to do my very best on each exam!

4. Planting flowers!  Last year, I had grand plans to buy some pretty flowers and planters to decorate the walkway to my apartment.  Yeah, it never happened.  This year, it needs to happen!

5. Spring clothes.  A bit superficial, but hey, this is a style blog.  I am really excited to break out my favorite spring pieces, and perhaps even wear some of my favorite shoes that aren't boots.

So there we have it! My top five things I am excited to do in April.

What are you looking forward to in April?


  1. I feel you with the exam point... In May hell breaks lose in my university in Copenhagen. I should follow your example and start studying too ;)
    x from copenhagen, www.silverstories.dk

    1. I just keep thinking about how hellacious May and June are....anything I can do to help make it easier, even if studying isn't always the most tempting activity:P


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