I've Got a Date with the Night

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Post Title: "Date with the Night," Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Jacket: French Connection (Similar HERE) | Body Suit: Nelly | Skirt: Nelly 
 Leather Blazer: Vero Moda (HERE) | Shoes: Bianco

The funny thing about style blogging is that your hobby/job/what have you essentially involves taking copious pictures of yourself.  What is that like, people may ask?

Well, it's basically like holding a huge mirror up to yourself and the way you dress, and then showing said mirror image to a bunch of internet strangers, your closest friends, and your mom (Hi, Mom!).  This process, of course, is slightly terrifying, if not mildly embarrassing at times when you're a newbie like me.

However, it can provide valuable insight into how you may look to the rest of the world. Because, like I said: huge mirror and all.   Such was the case when I decided to snap a few pictures of my outfit from Saturday night.  Now, I was going for a bit of club-ish vibe because Saturday. So, I decided to combine one of my Nelly bodysuits with this bandage skirt.  After snapping a few pictures, I began flipping through the shots to see if I had gotten anything useable.

Let me just say that my first thoughts were: "OMG, too much...everything!" (Everything meaning boobs).  I am not sure if it was my pose, my freshly bleached hair, or the fact that my hourglass figure tends to make any slightly formfitting piece look vulgar even if it's not intended to do so (I am not complaining; I just need to be careful or risk feeling slightly "naked" in certain garments).  Or perhaps it was the fact the photos were shot during the mid-afternoon, and this was definitely an outfit made for the night.

At any rate, I definitely was feeling the need to tone my look on down.  As Coco Chanel said: take one thing off before you leave the house. So that is exactly what I did!  Or, as in the case of this outfit, threw on a jacket.

On another note: on Friday I had an appointment for a much-needed refresh for my blonde hair.  If you are in Stavanger, I highly recommend Amalie at Ombre Frisør*.  She was super knowledgeable, and perfectly understood and executed the vision I had for my color. I am very picky about my hair, and am always nervous to try a new stylist.  But I am beyond happy with the results. I will definitely be going back!

*Not sponsored or anything like that. I was just super impressed with her work!

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