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Happy Monday!!

So begins a new week! After two weeks of fighting off a sinus infection, I am excited to get a fresh start on my daily routine.

Sometimes, when I am sick, I tend to get in a bit of a mental rut where I feel like a huge failure at life.  This feeling then morphs into a downward spiral of self-hate and self-doubt.  Super healthy, right? (Wrong).  This feeling, coupled with the fact that my last visit with a scale ended in shock and horror, served as a wakeup call that I am not taking proper care of my body.  As a result, I have been left with no energy, both from a mental and physical perspective.

So what can I do to fix this?

For me, the remedy has been to take a deep dive in whatever source of inspiration I can grab onto.  Whether that is a chat with some of my successful and super motivated girlfriends (seriously, those ladies inspire me every single day.  Hi girls, by the way!), perusing some of my favorite blogs and YouTube channels, or scanning Pinterest for tips and tricks.

This process led me to the following conclusion: wow, these ladies (and gents in some cases) really busted their butts to get where they are today.  Many of them started off in situations not too different from my own (a grown adult who sees the future as great big question mark, while simultaneously realizing that she is way too old to still be farting around and trying to figure life out).

Initially, these observations made me feel extra useless when I examined my own efforts. But then, I had an epiphany: If they can't do it, why can't I

I can totally do it, too! What is stopping me?

It turns out that the answer to that questions was me. I am stopping me.

So, from this week, I am challenging myself to a modified version of a Hell Week*.  Now, the Hell Week* book essentially calls for pressing oneself to do as much as possible to enhance productivity over a 7 day period.  This includes waking up at 5 am to exercise, cleaning every day, and absolutely no procrastinating.  Sounds good, right? 


My "modified" Hell Week is more of an attempt to solidify some healthier habits in my daily routine, as well as break myself out of a productivity rut.

The rules?

1. Wake up early (ideally 5:30 to make gym opening time) and work out before coffee (yes. before coffee. This is groundbreaking stuff over here).
2. Make a to do list for each day, and stick to it! No procrastinating, no half-assing anything!
3. Things I have been thinking I should do, but haven't felt like doing or had the guts to try? Yup, gotta do those. No excuses!
4. Clean up my diet! I have been keeping a food diary for the past two weeks. And OMG. I really need to make healthier choices (read: less cheese, more veg. haha).

Now, today is only Monday, but I am already feeling supercharged by this new routine.  I never thought I was a work out first thing in the morning kind of person, but I have to say that I really loved it today!  It was so nice to start the day with a boost of energy and then curl up with a cup of coffee in good conscience.  My goal is to start each weekday with some form of exercise, whether that is at my gym or just a walk around my neighborhood. Let's see if I can stick with it!

(In fact...I am actually blogging about this as a means of holding myself accountable.  If I speak about it publicly, then I have to follow through, right?)

Have you tried a Hell Week?  How did it go?

I will be checking in next Monday to let you know how I did!  

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