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If I was allowed to make sarcastic blog picture captions, the caption for this picture would read:
Tra la la, I touch my hair!

Jacket: Vero Moda (Black on sale HERE)* | Skirt: Vero Moda (Similar on sale HERE) | Top & Necklace: Gina Tricot | Bracelet: HRH Collection | Shoes: Bianco (Similar HERE)
*I state a lower price later in this post.  Vero Moda is a bit cheaper in Norway than it is in the US, apparently.

Happy Easter Week! 

I am finally back at my blogging game after a few days out of commission.  What I thought was a hangover from Saturday's night out has turned into a three-day-long head cold. Apparently 29 is too old for afterparties around the campfire*. Ah, the perks of approaching 30.  At any rate, I thought I would start of the blogging week by sharing my outfit from Saturday night!

*I am well aware of how crazy this makes me sound, but in my defence, it has been years since I've done that!

You might recognize this top from one of my earlier posts.  While it may be considered "taboo" in Fashion Land to re-wear pieces or repeat outfits, my philosophy is quite the opposite.  In fact, I think the general mentality of "must always have new items all the time" is BS.  Yup, I said it. BS!

In fact, I am a huge believer in re-wearing favorite pieces and finding creative ways to maximize one's wardrobe. Part of this is due to my student budget, but it is also just a general philosophy of mine.  I hate to be wasteful, and generally prefer quality over quantity.  This blouse was actually quite a bargain--150 NOK from Gina Tricot.  But it is so versatile: I can pair it with a skirt and tights for going out as I did here, or with jeans for a more casual look.   This versatility maximizes the piece's value to my wardrobe.

Similarly, this jacket (affectionately known as Cookie Monster Jacket or Blue Fuzz) can also be dressed up as seen here, or worn with pants and a T-Shirt for a more casual style.  It too was a relatively reasonable purchase at around 600 NOK from Vero Moda.

While I am currently in a situation that somewhat limits my ability to invest in my wardrobe, my philosophy of creatively re-wearing favorite pieces would still stand if I had unlimited funds.  I hate clutter, and often feel like having too many items in my wardrobe drastically limits creativity.  Plus, I think it is much more fun to have a collection of favorite pieces that I can rely on to make me feel great whenever I need them to!

Now, I am off to run some errands before all the shops get crazy before Easter Holiday in Norway!  But before I go, I have one question:

Does anyone know how to get campfire smell out of a faux-fur jacket? I'm asking for a friend.

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