Why I'm Tall and Still Wear Heels (And You Should, Too!)

I've briefly alluded to my height here on the blog, but never discussed it in depth.  I suppose it is because I honestly don't really notice it myself--most of my closest girlfriends both in Norway and in the US are the same height as me, give or take an inch or two.  My best friend from my hometown is even over six feet tall, and is quick to remind me that, at 5'10", I'm actually "not that tall." (It's all relative, I suppose!).

So I guess it isn't the least bit strange that I generally forget that I am average height for a man until it is time to shop for certain articles of clothing or go on a blind date.  And in terms of dating, it is only within the last few years that I have noticed my height in a meaningful way:  almost every guy I dated prior to becoming long-term single in my mid-twenties was over six feet tall.  Wearing heels and still being shorter than my date was something I had come to take for granted.

It was once I seriously jumped back into the dating pool that I began to hear the comments: "wow, you're really tall!" And its many followers.  Sometimes as if it was supposed to be a point of insecurity.  Others as if it were an exciting bonus (usually if the speaker was in the six foot plus club, but not always).  I have even had other tall girls say to me: "I can't believe you still wear heels!  I wouldn't dare--I would tower over my boyfriend/husband/you get the idea."

But you know what?

It has never once occurred to me to be insecure about my height.  I have always loved fabulous shoes, preferably with a heel.  Who cares if they make me six foot three? If I want to wear them, I will wear them.  Even if that means having a leg up (pun intended) on my date!

I am not saying you have to wear heels--I know many tall girls who don't wear them purely because they are uncomfortable.  And that is just fine! Fashion isn't fun if it doesn't make you feel good! What I am saying is that if you are tall want to wear heels, wear some damn heels!  Don't let the worry of being taller than a partner or sticking out in a crowd stop you from wearing something that makes you feel fabulous.  And that notion doesn't have to stop at heels.  It can extend to anything you feel or have been told you're not "supposed" to wear due to some arbitrary physical attribute you may possess.

My point: if you like it, if it makes you feel fabulous, if it makes you look fabulous, then by all means, WEAR it and wear it proudly!

The rules are changing, and in a positive way.  Let's all be the change!


  1. Yes to tall girls in heels!! <3 Personally I am not willing(or able) to stand the pain, after 30 min I am done.. So go you!

    1. Holla! and hey, that's cool, too! It is important to enjoy wearing what you have on, too, so if it's unbearable, it's not worth it! (The shoes in my pic here are like that....I love them but they hurt so they are def sitting shoes:P)

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