Current Tunes - April/May 2017

Happy Friday!!!

Now we are officially in the month of May...which means I completely missed my Current Tunes post for April (oops!).   So, I am going to combine my current tunes for April and May and post them today! (Hey...that rhymed).

I have been bumping these songs on my Spring 2017 playlist for a while, so it is almost time to make a new playlist. At any rate, here are the top tracks for the time being:

Clean, interesting, and light Scandipop.  Always a winner!

This song is a top hit currently, and for a good reason! Calvin Harris always gets it right.

I love Latin music, especially as it starts getting warmer.  This tune always gets stuck in my head and is fun to dance to! 

This song, of course, was made popular for its appearance on the soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why.  While the show itself carries its own controversy, I found the soundtrack to be pretty spot on.  This song was my favorite!

I love a good alternative rock tune with a retro beat.  This one fits the bill perfectly.

It wouldn't be a month of music from me without some hip hop! The flute beat in this song gets me every time, man. 

And so concludes my current tunes for April and May! I am off to relax before hitting the hay early so I can be ready for tomorrow's hike.

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