Hiking Bjørndalsfjellet

hiking Rogaland Norway

Happy Monday!

Yes, I know it is time for my weekly Monday Motivation update--don't worry, this week's post is coming a bit later on this afternoon!

First, however, I wanted to share some pictures from yesterday's gorgeous hike up on Bjørndalsfjellet.   Since this weekend was supposed to be both a three-day weekend and the first legitimately nice weekend this year,  some friends and I decided that it was the perfect time for a hike.  All of us are on a mission to be a bit healthier in our everyday lives, so a walk in the mountains seemed like a perfect activity for all of us.

And boy was it!  While it wasn't super warm, it wasn't super cold, either--in fact, I never even took the extra sweatshirt I packed out of my backpack.   I even walked most of the way with just a T-Shirt. The sun was warm and there was a cool yet refreshing breeze: perfect hiking weather!

Bjørndalsfjellet is right outside of Sandnes, which is a city a bit south of Stavanger for those not familiar with the area.  In fact, this mountain is one of many mountains in a little cluster, which makes consequently for a cluster of different hikes all in one area--all of which have spectacular views.

hiking Rogaland Norway

While I see the beauty of Norwegian nature more or less every day, it is only when I get up in the mountains that I truly feel awestruck with how amazing this country is.  Those of you who have been hiking in Norway can relate: there is absolutely nothing like the feeling of looking over the side of a mountain and being met with views like these. Each time I stop and reflect that this is why I love living in Norway (OK, there are lots of other reasons, but the pure majesty of the nature here is definitely on the top 5!).

hiking kvikklunsj

Of course, no fjelltur (hiking trip) would be complete without a break to enjoy the view from the top and a Kvikklunsj.  (And take ridiculous amounts of pictures, of course.  Also, excuse my nails...those chips happened on the way up the mountain!).

The nice thing about any fjelltur is it is a relatively cost effective means of experiencing Norway at its fullest. In fact, I would recommend that anyone wanting to visit Norway make time for at least one hike in the mountains on their trip, as the experience is unparalleled.  Bjørndalsfjellet is great for beginners, while some of the more popular hikes such as the Pulpit Rock are a bit more advanced (but still do-able and highly recommended by me!).

What are your favorite hikes? 
Let me know if you want to read more about hikes in Norway down below!

I will be back in a little while with this week's Monday Motivation post!

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