Monday Motivation - Week 19

Top Three Photos: Pinterest (All Pins link to source)
Bottom Photo: All me--from Saturday's hike to Sokkanuten

Happy Monday!

Once again it is the start of a new week, and therefore a new chapter in Monday Motivation!  I really like starting the week off with these posts--it gives me a nice little kick in the butt to be productive in the new week, as well as feels so encouraging to look back on all the things I did to take care of myself over the past week.

So, let's get into it!

I totally managed to stay on top of my training routine! We were blessed with some amazing spring days in Stavanger last week, so that gave me an extra dose of motivation to get out and enjoy the nice weather.  Instead of doing my usual cardio cycle at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, I took a long walk to the lake by my house and toodled around in the neighborhoods adjacent to it on my way home. There is something about being able to walk in the sun with no jacket on that really puts me in a positive, spring-ey mood.

Then, on Saturday, some friends and I headed to Sokkanuten, which is located in Lysefjorden. Now, I am not a pro hiker, but I'm not exactly a n00b either.  But holy moly.  This hike kicked. My. Butt!  The trail itself was marked as being just under 1km, but man was it steep.  I am talking 90 degree angle here.   Unfortunately, I got a bit sick from the quick change in altitude and had to stop about 3/4 of the way up.  I noticed quickly that my body was just not feeling being in the mountains that day--I kept overheating and needing to stop.  Then, whenever I started moving again, I would get dizzy to the point of almost blacking out.   I was so frustrated because I had just managed a longer hike last weekend! But sometimes, you just need to listen to your body and respect it when it says "STOP!"  I found a nice rock to perch on while the others climbed to the top.  Here I managed to have a great personal moment with nature and capture some awesome pictures, one of which you can see in the collage above.

Before I discuss this part of my week, I want to take some time to discuss how much I hate the word "diet" when it comes to the concept of "dieting;" that is, the notion of eating a certain way in order to lose weight.  When I say "diet," I really mean "nutrition," or, what foods I am eating and how they make me feel.

OK. Now that we have that out of the way, I would say that the past week allowed me to really rediscover the balance between healthy eating and indulging in favorites.  For the most part, I found myself wanting to reach for healthier options, while at the same time still enjoying some tacos over the weekend.  I call that a win!

Another super productive week in Blogland! I feel like this blog has grown quite a bit in the last few weeks, and that makes me super happy!  I am getting to know so many fun bloggers, both through social media and through my blogging network, Style Collective. Thank you all so much for the positive feedback you leave on my posts!  It is so exciting getting to know you all and interact with you!

This week, I will need to start focusing more on my studies in order to prepare for my exams.  So, I am going to work extra hard on shooting photos, etc., so I can keep this blog rolling while I shift my attention to academia for the next month or so.  Wish me luck!

Concluding Thoughts
All in all a good week!  I feel like healthier habits are becoming a natural part of my everyday life, and I am seeing a substantial improvement from their presence in my mental, spiritual, and physical health.  I am loving this!

So on that note: let's go out and crush this week, too!

Hope you all have a great Monday and rest of the week! 


  1. Really enjoyed this post! I'm in the process of trying to create more healthy habits in my life and thats a big part of why I started my blog last week. This was really motivating!

    1. So glad to hear you liked it! Monday Motivations are some of my favorite posts to write :) Blogging has definitely been a (surprising, but in a good way!) huge part of my journey to better health--both for documenting my journey, as well as the unexpected boost to my self esteem and self motivation. I am glad to hear you felt motivated, too!

      Thanks so much for visiting and reading! Welcome to blogland:D

    2. I feel the same way about the word "diet." It's simply what my nourishment consists of. I think most people are coming to terms with that term, so understand what we mean.
      Living sustainably on $100/week & rent free in NYC

    3. I think that the whole notion of fad dieting, etc, is slowly dying out. I don't hate it!
      Thanks so much for reading!


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