Hallelujah - SHORTS!  And my favorite black and white espadrilles, of course.

Hello and happy Thursday night!

Where have I been this week?  Well, due to some unexpected nice weather, I have been outside.  In fact, yesterday I was even able to wear shorts!  For those of you living a bit to my south, this does not come as a groundbreaking revelation.  However, for this Norwegian-American, yesterday was the first day in 2017 where I dared to wear shorts.  In other words, it was a slightly momentous occasion.  Never mind my pasty white legs.

In addition to offering a lovely bit of sunny weather, yesterday was also Wednesday.  In Norway, Wednesday is often referred to as "lillelørdag," or "small Saturday."  Lillelørdag and sun?  This meant that only one course of action was appropriate--namely, to enjoy a nice glass of my favorite white wine. I had planned on sipping my wine while enjoying a trashy reality TV show when I got a text from one of my friends: would I like to join her and some of our other friends to sit outside and have a beer in the harbor?  Of course, my answer was an enthusiastic "heck yes!"

Photo taken earlier in the day.

Summer days in Stavanger are long, with the sun not setting until around midnight, and even then it only gets superficially dark.  It is not uncommon for the outdoor seating at the pubs and restaurants along the water to be completely packed all week long.  Wednesdays are particularly fun, as live music and food trucks abound.

As a funny side story: the bar my friends and I went to was serving drinks with little rubber ducks in them.  So, of course my friend and I had to get a "duck drink" to get into the summer spirit.  We were maybe a little bit too excited about the ducks, but it was all in good fun!

And now as I write this, I realized that tomorrow is Friday.  Just yesterday, it was "small Saturday," and now it's time for the real weekend again.  Not too shabby!

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