Sun, sun, sun; here it comes!

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Today was a magical day!

That is, today is was finally both warm and sunny!  While on Monday I make have grumbled about the luxury problem of not knowing what to do with my free time this week, today I can say that I fully settled in to summer vacation at home.  What made it the perfect Friday, however, was the fact that I was home to enjoy the two hour window of sunlight on my terrace.  Nothing says summer to me like spending an hour or two basking in the warm delight of the sun's rays (with proper protection, of course.  This pale chick swears by SPF 30 at all times!).

Sometimes, lying in the sun makes me super tired and want to take a nap.  Other times, it gives me a boost of energy that motivates me to get busy and productive.  Today was the latter type of sunbathing session--namely, as soon as I came inside, I found myself feeling super motivated to clean my apartment before getting ready to meet some colleagues for a work-sponsored "paycheck beer."

Pictured: my sweet shades and my awesome headscarf that I wear to keep my hair under control when laying out.

Even though I spent some time in the sun today, my legs were still quite pasty white when I came inside.  Almost too pasty white to want to display them for the world in a skirt.  And let me just say: a beautiful day like today is not a day for wearing tights or pants!

I like to use a moisturiser with built-in self tanner to give my legs a fresh glow.  My absolute, all time favorite is the St. Tropez Gradual Tan.  Self tanners can be tricky, and many quickly become streaky or leave you with that telltale "self tanner" smell.  I really, really hate that smell.  Seriously.  But the St. Tropez moisturizer is amazing because it actually smells good.  Even better, it leaves the skin with nice, healthy, and most importantly, natural looking glow!

I have been hooked on this bad boy for years, and always come back to it when my budget allows.  The best part is that one bottle lasts quite a long time, so it really is a worthwhile investment for my fellow gals on a budget.  Which is good news for me because I feel naked going bare-legged without my Gradual Tan in tow!  You can find it at most beauty shops, including HERE.

What is your favorite self tanning product?

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