Another Day in Paradise

Happy Monday!

Today is yet another day in paradise here on Hood Canal, where I have been settled for the past week.  Aside from the odd Instagram post, I have taken this week to totally disconnect from, well, just about everything.  And wow, has it felt amazing!  I have really needed the time to take a step back from life and everything in it and just be.  I am sure you guys feel me on that!

At the moment, I am sitting on my parents' balcony and enjoying a glass of wine as I watch the tide come in (At 13:30 in the afternoon, how naughty).  I was enjoying a beer, but as I was getting up from my chair, I knocked it over.  It's a hard knock life, apparently.

Anyhow! As it has been some time since I checked in here, I thought I would pop in and give an update on what I have been up to for the past week.  Which has basically been a whole lot of nothing, but in the best way possible.  From floating on my unicorn, to working on my tan (a tall order for a pale person like me), or just hanging with my dogs, it has been an incredibly relaxing week.

Speaking of dogs, can we just discuss how cute these little buggers are?

Freddy, of course, is the sweet cattle dog on the left.  Reggie is the precocious Yorkie to the right (He thinks he is a labrador--seriously!).  They have been my little shadows and cuddle buddies since my first night here.  (In fact, both are cuddled up to my right as I type this!).  There is seriously nothing better than doggie cuddles!

I feel like my phone is now filled with photos of both the dogs, and sunsets! No two sunsets are alike, but each sunset is extremely beautiful in its own way.  While sometimes the slower pace of life out here can get a little boring for this city girl, it is super nice to just disconnect, take a breath, and relax.

And, on that note, I am off to relax a bit more before getting ready to go to see Bruno Mars with a friend of mine from high school.

Have a great Monday!!

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