One Day in Seattle

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Ferry from Southworth, Washington to West Seattle.


Last week, I checked in with you all from my parents' place on Hood Canal.  Since then, I have been on the move, landing in LA on Sunday.

But before I get into the adventures that have been had in LaLa Land, I wanted to share some of the fun that was had last Thursday in Seattle!

Before I moved over to Norway, I studied, lived, and worked in Seattle.  My bestie, Kim, lived there for many years as well, so when she came up for a brief visit at my parents' place, we decided that a day trip to Capitol Hill was in order!

Somewhat unique to Seattle is the use of ferry boats as transportation to the city from some of the surrounding areas.   In some cases, it is faster to take the ferry than it is to drive into town.  Since my parents live somewhat deep in the woods,  we decided to cut down on driving time and take a ferry from Southworth, Washington to West Seattle.  Plus, the ferry is a much more scenic way of getting into the city!

I actually don't particularly enjoy taking the ferry in Norway.  Not because the scenery isn't beautiful because, let's face it, it's Norway--the scenery is always beautiful.  But oftentimes, the water can be a bit rough, and it is almost always way too windy to stand outside.  Despite the fact that I used to  take the Seattle ferry both as a little kid to visit my grandparents and for work in college, I had forgotten 1.) how slow the ferries go relative to the Norwegian ones and 2.) how flat and smooth the Puget Sound is relative to the fjords.   The ferry in Seattle is actually a bit of an event in itself, particularly on a sunny day!

Super excited to be on the ferry, haha!

A scenic ride into town was a great way to start our adventure, and was even nicer coming home.  After a day of walking around town, it was incredibly nice to get a break from driving while on the boat.  If you're ever in Seattle, I highly recommend taking a ferry ride as a part of your trip, as you get prime views of the local nature as well as a classically Seattle experience for the books!

The view of downtown Seattle as seen from West Seattle.

Once we disembarked from the ferry, we were in West Seattle!  While often overlooked, West Seattle is absolutely worth a visit.  For starters, the boardwalk in West Seattle is home to a postcard-perfect view of downtown! Further, this neighborhood is home to tons of great restaurants and bars, as well as Alki Beach, one of the city's finest.

Waterfront dining is a must in West Seattle, so we stopped for lunch before heading over to meet friends in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  On the recommendation of one of my best friends from college, we checked out Marination Station, a Korean-Hawaiian fusion restaurant.  Seattle's food scene bares the influence of a variety of world cultures, and fusion cuisine is a very popular expression of this diverse background.  Marination Station did not disappoint--I had fish tacos garnished with jalapenos, cream, and spicy pickled onion and a glass of their delicious house sangria.  Prices are reasonable, and the view from the restaurant is unbeatable! 

The Pine Box.  

From Marination Station, we moved on to Capitol Hill where we met up with one of my closest friends living in Seattle. Since we were a group of locals or former-locals, we decided to put together a mini pub crawl and hit up the happy hours at a string of favorite local haunts.  One such place was The Pine Box, an old morgue converted to a bar.  The Pine Box boasts a wide range of beers and ciders from all over the world--a great start to our adventure!

From there, we headed to Linda's, a western-themed dive bar.  This bar is classic Seattle in many ways: a casual place whose happy hour menu features PBR on draft ($3 for a pint, $10 for a pitcher).  They also have food, which I have not tried, but I hear is amazing!

Next, we headed to my personal favorite spot in Capitol Hill (and possibly all of Seattle), Bimbos Cantina. Bimbos has occupied the same locale in Capitol Hill for years, and is famous for its connection to grunge music--namely, that many musicians from the genre had day jobs at Bimbos at one point or another.

Back in the day, you could get a $5 happy hour margarita served in a large mason jar.  This presented a few problems over the years, so the happy hour margarita is now served in a more normal-sized glass.  However, the taste is still amazing, and Bimbos' margarita remains one of my all time favorites to date.  They also have some of the best tacos--ask for them doubled up and them served with get a layer of beans and an extra tortilla!  And don't forget to check out the sauce rack for hot sauces from all over the world to add an extra kick to your meal.  It's worth it--I promise.

To round out our mini pub crawl, we ended the night at Unicorn.  Aside from its claim to fame as the location of that one Macklemore video, the Unicorn is also known for its colorful, mythical creature-themed decor and even more colorful drink menu.  The first (and one of the dirtiest-named) drinks is actually quite good, as are the jello shots!

And so concluded our day trip to Seattle!  Seattle has a vibrant culture and history that locals and natives are eager to preserve despite the city's rapid economic development.  If you are thinking of visiting Seattle, I hope you check out some of these places to get a taste Seattle from a local's perspective.  If you do, let me know how you liked them!

On that note, I will conclude this rather long post.  I am so behind on blog posts for this trip, and it feels kind of funny to write about something I did last week when so much has happened since then. But that just means there is more to come from my end in the next few days!

Speak to you soon! 

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