Back to Reality

Hello again, blog world!!

It seems like ages since I last checked in here, and that's because it kind of has been.  But, the extended absence was by no means intentional-I promise!

I have been home in Stavanger for exactly a week now, but if I am being honest it really feels like I just got back two days ago.  Isn't it weird how time and jetlag will do that to you?

It does not help that I was BOOM! busy with real life pretty much as soon as I landed at Sola Airport:  I came home to mountains of housework/laundry to be done, a band of squatting vagrant spiders needing expulsion from my apartment, work to get back into, unread emails, and the start of a fresh school year all crammed within seven days.  So it's no small wonder that my sense of time (which honestly isn't the best to begin with) has kind of fallen by the wayside!

At any rate, I am working on a couple of fun LA recap posts (among other things) that I am super excited to share on the blog!  I just wanted to check in and say a quick *hey* before I flit off to my next commitment (we are taking inventory at work-so not as exciting as it sounds, ha!).

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday!
I will be back again sooner rather than later - promise!!

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