Beverly Hills - That's Where I Want to Be

"Where I come from isn't all that great
My automobile is a piece of crap
Preppy girls never looked at me
Why should they I ain't nobody
Got nothing in my pocket"

"Beverly Hills
Rolling like a celebrity"

Hello again from Sunny California!

After a busy weekend followed by a few days of recharging my batteries, I am finally ready to kick off my blog week! Which, as a fun aside--I have been kind of loving my blog life while on this vacation.  Currently, I am working on this post before taking a shower and getting ready for the day.  As I worked on today's shop widget and sipping a fresh cup of coffee, I couldn't help but think how awesome it would be if this was my regular daily routine.  A girl can dream, right?

Anywho!  Back to today's subject matter, which consists partly of this look featuring my favorite yellow pants and partly of recounting the weekend's adventures.  Saturday brought us (and by that I mean I asked Kim if we could pretty please drive through on the way to West Hollywood and would she pretty please snap a few pics of me for my silly blog) to Beverly Hills and back to West Hollywood!

Now, I wasn't expecting to think much of Beverly Hills, aside from "oh hey! The Real Housewives live here! Hi Real Housewives!"  But holy moly, is it a super cute neighborhood! I feel super bougie saying this, but I really like it there; it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA.  Yes, it has the stereotypical glitz and glam, but there are also areas that have quite a bit of charm.  And not to mentioned the beautifully maintained streets dotted with well-manicured palm trees! I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  Now I am annoyingly asking if we can drive through BH anytime our adventures take us to the other side of town, ha!  There is a sentence I never thought I would write.

Back to my outfit! Saturday finally cooled down to a more liveable temperature, something I did not mind one little bit.  So, I decided to bust out these amazing yellow pants that I found in the Fashion District for like $25.  I'm seriously obsessed! They're made by a Columbian designer/wholesaler whose pieces have been sported by the likes of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian (at least, that was what the photo on display at the register indicated.  Very cool!).

With a statement piece like these bright yellow pants, I like to keep everything else pretty simple.  Which provides a great excuse to rock my signature black in the summer. ha! I paired the pants with a favorite racer back tank, flatform sandals, and my pointy shades.

What is your favorite statement piece for the summer?

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