Good Morning

Good morning and Happy Weekend!

I say happy weekend because right now it is Friday in LA, but in Norway and Europe it is Friday evening and by the time my friends over there read this it will most likely be Saturday.  So Happy Weekend it is!

I don't know what it is, but something about travelling just seems to ignite my creative spark like nothing else can.  After months of feeling more or less "meh" about the blog and anything to do with the creative process, I am suddenly overflowing with ideas for new posts.  So much so, that the list I keep on my phone isn't big enough to house all the stream of ideas.   But after months of finding no joy whatsoever in my projects, I welcome the change!

It says 2018 but starts in July 2017.

At any rate, I am enjoying the sudden burst in creative energy by taking some photos, planning some blogposts, and checking in here, of course!  It has been an extremely busy few days in LA, so it feels amazing to start to the morning slowly with a strong cup of coffee in my hand and my laptop perched atop my lap.  Now there is nothing else to do but let that creativity flow before the day's activities.  Which include calling the Pink Taco to see if I left my ID there because it seems to have magically disappeared from my purse.  I am apparently leaving a trail of personal belongs across the USA, because I also managed to lose my beloved (and much needed) glasses somewhere in Pittsburgh. Here's to hoping the lost and found at the Pink Taco yields a more successful return than the one at the Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt!  Does anyone else get as frustrated and upset when they lose things as I do?  I am usually so good about having control over my belongings when I travel (and in general), but for some reason I have been ridiculously scatterbrained on this trip. Meh. 

Anyhow! Happy Weekend once again! I will be back to say again soon.

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