Hello, LA, I Love You - A Day in Malibu

My July issue of Costume had a feature on visiting LA.  How apropos!

Hello from LaLa Land!!

After finally sitting down to write yesterday's little long update, I am finally starting to feel like my blog and my life are starting to catch up with one another.  So much activity has been packed into the last 4-5 days that it is almost difficult to believe that a whole month hasn't flown by already.  Does anyone else lose track of time like that while on holiday?

Anyways!! On Sunday afternoon, I landed at LAX for my last leg of this summer's trip to the states.  I've been to LA a few times before, but there is so much to see and do here that you could come to town a hundred times and still not see everything (a bit of a hyperbolic statement, I know, but you get what I'm saying).

Hyperbole aside, I was excited to start this round of adventures in LaLa Land!

I am staying here with my bestie, Kim, and her husband.  Since Kim and I both like to hike, we decided to kick our week off with a hike around the Santa Monica Mountains Conservatory Zone Parkland in Malibu.  The hike itself was not too strenuous, but man, was it HOT outside! The viking in me was melting, haha! However, sweating my face off proved to be totally worth it once we saw the view at the top of the hill!

Since I am not exactly used to hiking in hot weather (my last attempt lead me to almost pass out and need to stop and chill on a rock, and that was Norway in a much cooler temperature), it was nice to start with a more low key hike.

After hiking, we headed to one of my absolute favorite places in the Los Angeles area: Zuma Beach! Nothing beats the feeling of coming down from a sweaty hike and sticking your feet in the nice, cool water!  We spent a few hours here, relaxing and enjoying the view before heading home. (Fun tip: I highly recommend visiting this beach during the week, as you are less likely to be met with the crowds that tend to be there on the weekends).

And so concluded Day 1 in the City of Angeles.  With more adventures yet to come--I will pop by again soon with an update!

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