LA Recap Part Uno

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"I just want to see some palm trees
Go and try to shake away this disease"

Happy weekend!

It is raining and grossly humid here in Stavanger--no joke, I was sweating profusely while cleaning my floors today.  But it was worth it, because now I finally have my house in proper working order after being away.  For some reason, I can't seem to be productive in any capacity until my environment is clean and organized. But now that I've gotten my apartment exactly how I like it, the ideas are flowing! Is anyone else like this? 

Anyhow! After a somewhat grey and sweaty Saturday, I thought that today was the perfect day to finally get to my as-of-yet-not-acted-upon LA recap post ( is going to be two posts, I decided).

Perhaps one of the bougiest photos of me ever taken.

We spent the last Monday (and one of few days where it was temperate to be outdoors--seriously, it was SO HOT while I was in LA. I thought I was going to melt) relaxing by the pool.

It might sound kind of weird, but it had been a very, very long time since I last spent time lounging by a pool.  That makes me sound super lame, I know.  But I suppose it makes sense when I consider the fact that I live in a cold climate (Norway) and come from a damp, rainy climate (Seattle).  Neither of which lend themselves to much sun + pool = lounge. That being said, it felt absolutely amazing to soak up some sun and dip my toes in the water while getting some quality bonding time with my bestie, Kim.

Although, since Kim and I are both super pale, most of the time was spent in the shade.  Better that than getting sunburnt, though--something I have unfortunately had to learn the hard way about oh, 1,435 times.  Luckily it seems to be sinking in with age, because I thankfully didn't manage to burn at all on this trip.  That was a welcome first, believe you me!

Even though I "complained"* about how hot I was all the time, looking at these photos makes me miss the sunny days and palm trees in LA. So, I am spending this Saturday night relaxing with a good glass of wine and dreaming of the West Coast a la Everclear

How are you spending your Saturday?

*I use " " because it wasn't actually complaining, but mostly making fun of  myself for being a big baby in the heat)

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