Cheers to the Weekend


Sunday is once again upon us! It feels like I just left my Project Management lecture on Friday, and now it is already Sunday night again.  What is it they say? "Time flies when you're having fun."  The old adage certainly rang true this weekend!

The sun and some last glimpses of summer warmth (because it is already September, you guys) made an appearance yesterday.   And when it is both sunny and warm in Stavanger, well, you take advantage of it!  I joined some friends for a few glasses of wine at an outdoor bar in Vågen per the usual sunny day tradition in this town.   And it was glorious!

I also thought it would be fun to break out these amazing yellow pants I scored for $25 in the Los Angeles Fashion District. The fabric is quite thick, and the color is one that works well both in the spring and summer as well as early autumn.  To make them more appropriate for the transitional weather, I paired them with a V-neck T-Shirt and boots instead of a tank top and flatform sandals.  I call it a win!  I am looking forward to finding more creative ways to style them, especially as party season approaches!

Now I am sitting on my couch waiting for my face mask to dry so I can get ready for bed.  Tomorrow marks the start of a new week, and I plan to start with a bang by getting my weight circuit in early in the morning before my lecture.  Wish me luck and send me early bird vibes!

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