I Love Cheap Thrills Vol. III -- The Face Mask

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Chill vibes + some bargain beauty finds from H&M.


I can't believe it's already almost the weekend. I feel like I say that in almost every post, but time really does fly!

Yesterday, I popped into H&M to pick up some refills of a few beauty essentials (dry shampoo and eyebrow pencil, to be exact).  Their beauty department often has some hidden gems--in particular little packs of face masks.  I have always wanted to try them, but have been a bit skeptical as to whether they were going to be beneficial for my skin.

This time, I decided to be brave and give the Pomegranate and Mango mask a try.  This mask is formulated to cleanse pours and reduce shine.  I have ridiculously oily skin for someone not in the throes of puberty, so I figured: why not?

I wanted to wait until the day after using the mask to share my thoughts juuuust in case I ended up breaking out over night. (I am always very skeptical to budget skin care due to my history of breaking out from almost every single lower-priced product I have tried).   I am happy to report that I not only have cleaner, smaller pores today, but also much less shine...and even better: no breakouts!

I haven't tried any of the other masks, but am now curious about their pink clay and moisturizing masks.  Let me know if you want me to give them a try here on the blog! Or, if you are feeling adventurous and want to try for yourself, you can find other face masks from H&M here.

I also picked up the two things that I originally went into H&M for: that is, dry shampoo and eyebrow pencil.  I went for the coconut scented dry shampoo this time.  Sometimes, I think it's nice to add a bit of a fresh scent when styling my second or third day hair. This coconut fragrance reminds me a lot of Paul Mitchell Shampoo One, which I love.  I also picked up a new NYX eyebrow pencil (which, bytheby, is a great and cost effective dupe for a similar pencil made by Anastasia).  This time, however, I am trying a new shade.  I usually get this pencil in Ash Brown, but decided to go for Taupe, as I have been feeling like the color of my eyebrows has been off ever since I went blonde last year.  I have yet to put it to use, but I will keep you guys posted on how I feel about the switch!

This week has otherwise been somewhat of a weird one.  After fighting off a fever over the weekend, I overdid it on Monday and have been dragging ass for pretty much the rest of the week.  Then, yesterday, a little bird I had been trying to nurse back to health after it got stuck on my porch passed away on me.  I am not a very touchy-feely or emotional person generally, but when animals are involved, I'm the biggest baby ever.  I am still not 100% OK after the whole ordeal, but I am hoping I soon will be.  It was basically my own personal Soundgarden "Like Suicide" experience, except unlike Chris, I did not have to euthanize the bird myself.  Thankfully.  I don't think I could have handled that. RIP, Kevin the bird--gone too soon.

On that note, I am off to get some things done in an attempt to make myself feel normal.  I just found out that the keyboard of my MacBook Air has finally been repaired, so I will start with picking up my computer.  Then later, I am seeing the movie IT with a friend.  I already have a contentious relationship with clowns, so here's to hoping that the movie can at least get my brain to focus on convincing myself that killer clowns aren't real (except they kind of are) rather than being traumatized by the death of an innocent baby bird on my watch.  Wish me luck!

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